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Top Five Natural & Organic Nail Polishes

Organic nail polish is the perfect way to keep your nails nice and colourful without putting yourself or the environment at risk. Sambora Beach Toes is a homegrown Australian brand offering a wide selection of organic nail polish in Australia, which is vegan, environmentally friendly and ’16 Free’.

Taking Organic Nail Polish to New Heights

Our chip-resistant, fade-resistant non-toxic nail polish formulas are designed to care for and protect your nails while giving them a boost of beautiful colour. And with 60+ colours to choose from, whether you prefer brights or neutrals, gold metallic nails or neon green polish, reds, greens or blues, there’ll be the perfect colour and shade for you. Mix and match them to your beachwear. Wear one colour, two colours or more. Our range of colours makes it possible to have completely bespoke nails that you can change up as the mood takes you without causing any damage to your nails.

Do you want to cut back on the chemicals you’re using on your body? If so, your nails are a great place to start. Here are the five organic nail polishes we recommend.

Sambora Beach Toes Brown Collection


Our selection of brown nail polish comes in gorgeous shades reminiscent of chocolate and coconut. These beautiful colours go with many different outfits, and did you know that our toxin-free nail polish shades are all designed to be perfectly coordinated with your beachwear? One of these brown nail polishes might be the perfect match for your bikini or swimsuit, helping you achieve a cohesive outfit for a day out on the beach or by the poolside. All our natural nail polish has also been specifically formulated for long periods of outdoor wear, which means they’re UV-resistant and long-lasting even when exposed to the sun, sand and saltwater.

Sambora Beach Toes Heavy Metal Gold

If you’re looking for a pop of colour that will stand out and draw attention to your beautiful nails, the Heavy Metal Gold nail polish is the polish for you. This beautiful metallic shade of gold will make your toes and fingers shimmer like jewellery in the sun. But despite being such a strong and metallic shade, this nail polish, like all others from our collection, is 16 free. That means it’s free from all major toxins and chemicals that might appear in other nail polishes, including xylene, gluten, DBP, formaldehyde and more. Our nail polishes are toxin-free and completely safe for your skin and nails.

Sambora Beach Toes Pastel Nail Polishes

If what you’re after is a subtle, softer colour, check out our shades of pastel nail polish selections that work with any outfit. Because they’re all organic, Beach Toes nail polishes are completely vegan and made with no animal-derived ingredients and they’re also cruelty free and never tested on animals. You can enjoy your pastel-coloured surf nails without needing to worry about any living being suffering to make it happen.

Sambora Beach Toes Green Nail Polish

For nail polish that is green both in colour and in environmental impact, choose one of our green organic nail polishes. We have every shade of green you could possibly want, to help you create any look you desire. The great thing about organic nail polish is that it isn’t just better for you, it’s also better for the environment. We’re on a mission to protect the planet, which is why our toxin-free nail polishes are made from organic, plant-based and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Sambora Beach Toes Nail Polish Sets

When you want to build up a good collection of options to choose from, buying one of our nail polish sets is the perfect solution. One of these bundles gives you a great selection of shades and you’ll pay a lower price than if you were to buy them individually. This gives you more options to choose from for less - you’ll get colours that go well together, which is perfect for those who like to combine different shades or create cool nail designs. All polishes in our sets are, of course, organic, vegan and toxin-free

Not Just for Beach Toes™ but for All Toes and Fingers Too!

Of course, there’s no hard and fast rule that you can only wear Beach Toes™ at the beach. Our natural nail polish is the perfect tonic for toes no matter where they may be. Whether they’re peeking out of a cute pair of sandals, hiding in trainers or you’re barefoot on the sand. Plus, it works equally well on fingernails too! Match fingers to toes. Paint your nails in complementary colours. Paint each nail a different shade. Use your imagination and create your own designer look and then tag us on Instagram to inspire other Beach Toes™ addicts!

Australian Toxin-free Nail Polish Formulas that are Good for Toes and Environment Too!

If you’ve been looking for organic nail polish in Australia for what seems like forever, you can stop your search right now. Beach Toes™ nail polish has been designed to care for your toes as well as it cares for the environment. We make all polishes right here in Oz and our love for nature, healthy lifestyles and beach life is encapsulated in every bottle.

We include Australian botanicals to revitalise the nourish the skin and revitalise the nail plate, non-fading marine bio ceramics to keep the colours bright and you can rest assured that no animals are ever involved in the production of our products, so they’re great for the veggies and vegans amongst you. All our packaging, including our Italian glass bottles, is recyclable and we’re a certified cruelty-free nail polish and lifestyle company.

What more could an environmentally conscious beach babe want?

So, say goodbye to inferior polishes loaded with toxins and hello to our toxin-free nail polish formulas and try the Beach Toes™ difference for yourself.

Buy Australian-Made Organic Nail Polishes Online

It’s time you upped your game and gave your toes the Beach Toes™ treatment. Order your favourites right now and we’ll get them shipped to you for free wherever you are in Australia. We also have stockists all around the world, so even if you aren’t lounging on Paradise Beach, you can still rock your Beach Toes™ by Sambora®!