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Festival Nail Polish: The Hottest Shades

Festivals are the Place to be Extra with Your Nail Polish Choices

Australia is preparing to welcome the festival season and we're all ready to let our hair down and enjoy some live music. Going to a music festival is one of life's greatest experiences, but it can be stressful when trying to find the perfect outfit. Do you go bohemian? Or rock and roll? Or just make comfort a priority? Whatever you choose, it's important to get your choice of accessories right. Everything from your choice of jewellery to your nail polish colour can add to your outfit and bring your whole look together. Sounds a bit stressful, right? We’re going to help you in the festival nail polish department as we share the hottest shades for this festival season.

Bright Fun Festival Nail Shades

Are you looking for a fun and bold way to express yourself at upcoming festivals this summer? Bright neon nail polish colours are the perfect way to make your festival look stand out! From hot pinks, yellows, blues and oranges, neon green polishes – there’s a neon colour for everyone. Create unexpected designs with these eye-catching shades. Match them with different types of jewellery, clothes and accessories that match your individual style.

Recommended Product: Check out our Brights Pack Collection! Featuring Orange Splash, Starfish, Tahiti Grafitti, Sunday Session and Scary Canary, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your favourite shade.

Shimmering Festival Nail Shades

Yes, you heard us; it's time to stock up on sparkles and glitters. Nothing adds a pop of colour and shine to your look like shimmering nail polish! Whether you opt for subtle shades or go all out with dazzling gems, your nails are sure to make a statement. The best part about using glittery nail polish is that there are so many options available. From vibrant blues and greens, to classic golds and silvers, you can easily find something that works perfectly with your outfit. You can even mix and match colors for a unique finish. Get creative with patterns by adding dots or stripes, or add a little more sparkle with some nail art.

Recommended Product: Ocean sand blue steel nail polish is a metallic blue shimmer that will have your nails sparkling like the stars when the clock strikes twelve (and the fun is just beginning).

Girly Festival Nails

Nothing screams girly festival nails like pink does! Whether you choose a light baby pink or an eye-catching fuchsia shade, there are plenty of options that will work for all skin tones and styles. The unique colour will also help you stand out from the crowd – no more worrying about losing your friend among hundreds of others! Best of all, pink nail polish looks great with any outfit: pair it with some distressed denim shorts and t-shirt for an edgy style or go for a classic look with vintage dresses and sandals. It’s just perfect!

Recommended Product: Girl’s Night Out is your answer to the most gorgeous pink festival nail polish. Like all our polishes, it’s chip resistant, non-fading, UV protected, environmentally friendly.


Yellow Festival Nail Polish

Looking for a bright and cheerful colour that reflects your festival mood? Yellow is perfect as it reflects fun, joy and happiness- all feelings associated with festivals! It’s a vibrant colour that won’t go unnoticed. Whether you choose neon yellow or pastel yellow, you can be sure that your nails will make quite an impression.

Recommended Product: Our customers go bananas for Cool Bananas! It’s the perfect shade of yellow and it looks amazing when paired with neon pinks and greens. Don’t be afraid to get creative with this shade of yellow as the shade is ideal for experimenting with different looks.



Orange Nail Polish for Festival

Be bold and bright with orange nail polish. This colour has some exciting shades combining fun and energy all into one. The best part about orange nails is that they go with just about everything! Whether you are planning on wearing neutrals or brightening up your look with some electric hues, orange polish can bring it all together for the perfect festival vibe. Not to mention that orange is so easy to match with accessories like bags, hats and jewellery (especially gold) — talk about making a statement!

Recommended Product: Orange Spash is one of our best-selling shades and we can totally see why. It’s the most perfect colour for this time of year and it can be paired with so many other colours for a real eye-catching finish.


So, now that we’ve given you some ideas, why not update your collection with some gorgeous nail polish festival season shades?