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Best Long Wear Nail Polishes

We all know how frustrating it can be to reapply your nail polish every two days or even more often, and how disappointing it is when it starts chipping and fading too fast. If you want your nails to look beautiful for longer, you’ll find the best long wear nail polish here at Sambora Beach Toes. Our long-lasting nail polish has been designed to withstand the elements and are UV- and chip-resistant. You can expect them to last for up to two weeks, even through outdoor wear.

Here are some of the most hard wearing nail polish options we have in our selection.

Pastel Nail Polish



Pastel shades are gorgeous for brighter days. The soft and subtle pop of colour is easily matched to any outfit and matches any skin tone. We have a selection of different pastel nail polishes available, from baby pink to light green. While you can wear our chip resistant nail polish all of the time, they’ve been designed primarily for wearing on the beach, which is why we’ve also worked to make all our shades a perfect swimwear match. You’ll always find a shade that matches your bikini or swimsuit and brings your whole beach look together. And when you’re out on the beach, you definitely want a long-lasting nail polish that won’t chip easily.

Nail Polish Sets

You can never have too many nail polishes. With plenty of shades, you can always find one that suits your mood and outfit, and you have lots of variety. Our nail polish packs consist of shades we’ve designed to go well with each other and work around the same theme. That also means they’re perfect if you want to alternate different colours that still look good together. If you’re looking for a nail polish for long wear, ours are perfect. UV-resistant and chip-resistant, they’ll stay on no matter what you put them through. However, they’re also non-toxic and free from the 16 most harmful chemicals you might find in other nail polishes. This means you won’t be causing any harm to your skin or nails by wearing our chip-resistant nail polish, even for extended periods of time.

Ocean Sand

When you’re going to the beach, why not put on a nail shade that reminds you of the ocean? Check out Ocean Sand blue steel nail polish! This shimmery, sparkly blue is a gorgeous nail polish that you can match to any number of outfits. When it comes to glittery shades, you might find that it’s even more noticeable when they start to chip and fade and imperfections show up. That’s why our shimmery shades are the perfect solution, because you know you can rely on them to last and look great right up to the time of removal.

Sheer Lilac Nail Polish

Lilac isn’t just lilac. Even within one colour there are so many different shades that will work differently with different skin tones and outfits. That’s why we offer a selection lilac nail polish shades to choose from. Apart from being excellent long wear nail polish, Beach Toes polishes are also good for both you and the environment. We’re against animal testing and we use plant-based, sustainably sourced ingredients in our polishes. Sustainable and environmentally friendly nail polish doesn’t have to be low-quality or less reliable than other options; in fact, with us, it’s actually more long-lasting and better quality. It’s a win-win!

Why Buy Chip-Resistant, Long Wear Nail Polishes from Beach Toes™ by Sambora®?

Let's set the scene; the sun is shining, and you're lying on the beach listening to the waves crashing, taking in the smell of the sea air. You have your favourite bikini on with your matching thongs, what better way to complete the outfit than by matching your nails! The best thing about our collection is they are both hard wearing nail polishes, which means when applied correctly, they should last 10-14 days. 

Our brand is also aimed at customers who are passionate about the environment and the animals in it, as we are plastic-free, vegan and cruelty-free! Some people have the misconception that vegan means bad quality, simply because we are used to big brands testing on animals and showing little care for the environment. Our nail polishes are long wear due to the UV protected formula which prevents your polish from fading in the sun or sea!