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Best Nail Colours for Fair Skin

Choose Beach Toes by Sambora for The Best Nail Colours for Pale Skin

At Sambora, we’ve crafted a rainbow of nail polish colours, and not just for the already sun kissed. We’ve got a wide range of nail colours that look good on light skin whether your personal colour is a deep winter or a bright summer.

Our soft pinks perfectly complement pale skin. Have a look at our Beaches ‘n’ N Cream Nail Polish for the perfect soft girl aesthetic.

Beaches ‘n’ N Cream Nail Polish


Give our Sambora Beach Toes Endless Summer Nail Polish a try if you're looking for something brighter. They bring a vibrancy to pale complexions, giving your nails lush colour without washing you out.

Beach Toes Endless Summer Nail Polish

If you want to warm up your skin tone, our Orange Splash Nail Polish works wonders. This smooth orange tone is simply gorgeous, even on a cloudy day.

Orange Splash Nail Polish


If you love a touch of red in your orange check out Floral Coral Nail Polish.

The colours are gentle and so are the chemicals. Our vegan nail polish is hydrating and breathable, without toxins. There’s no formaldehyde or toluene, no animal products, no animal testing. If well applied, the polish lasts on the nail without chips for 10-14 days.

But you don’t have to keep the polish on that long: we offer delicate nail colours for fair skin that are perfect for relaxing nights out. Our Nude Beach polish is the perfect shade to make your hands look smooth and elegant at the table, match it with some chocolate brown nail polish and you're on your way to being someone's pin on Pinterest.

To swap between colours, we have excellent water-based polish remover wipes. With aloe and vitamin E, they remove the polish without dehydrating your nails. You can choose between mango, coconut, or fragrance-free wipes.

If you’re out to paint the town red, paint your nails in bright neon nail polishes. Light up the night with the fabulous Tahiti Graffiti. I’d describe the colour to you but it’s best to see for yourself.

Tahiti Graffiti Nail Polish


Healthy Nails, Healthy Earth

At Beach Toes by Sambora, our nail polishes from Australia are as responsibly made as they are fun to wear. The polishes are UV protected and can withstand the bleaching effect of sunlight. Our polishes are manufactured in Australia using Australian plants, sustainably sourced. Not only is our packaging stylish, but every part of it can also be recycled. Beach Toes was developed by a small crew of beach lovers, so you know it’s made of nothing but the safest formulas.

Colour Coordinate Your Beach Outfit with Beach Toes

With Beach Toes by Sambora, you can match your nails to your swimsuit easily with our nail polish sets. Our colours exactly match beachwear brands like Billabong, Roxy, and Havaianas. If you spend over $50, we’ll ship your purchase for free. Enjoy rich, long-lasting colours that won’t dry out your nails. Make ethically produced nail polish the crowning jewel of your outfit.