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Nail Colours that look Good with Short Nails

We’ve Got the Best Nail Colours For Short Nails

When you’re out on the ocean playing watersports, you want a manicure that’s colourful and practical. You need the practicality of short nails, but you want the elegance of long nails. You want a nail polish that’s as tireless as you are, and that can withstand sunlight and salt waves.

Beach Toes by Sambora is a range of nail polishes that are designed for the ocean. Applied correctly, these polish can last for up to two weeks. UV protected; the colours are as fresh at midnight as they were at noon. We’ve even matched our colours to the Pantone swatches of swimwear brands like Roxy, Billabong and Havaianas. Whatever your skin tone, we’ve got colours that look good with short nails.

The secret to making short nails look longer is to go for paler shades that make your nail beds look bigger. For the palest skin tones, we’ve got the best pastel nail polishes like Baby Wave in a cute baby blue.

Baby Wave Nail Polish & Pastel Nail Polish Set


For the darkest skin tones, a bright white is a classic beach look: try our stunning Virgin Sand.

Virgin Sand Nail Polish


For those with beautiful olive skin, we’ve got a perfect Lilac Lagoon Nail Polish for you.

Lilac Lagoon Nail Polish

If you don’t particularly want to give the illusion of long nails, navy blue and black are colours that look better on short nails. Deep Sea Diver is a gorgeously dark blue, that will transition well from the beach to the indoor bar or go with Lava Rock which is a rich black that will perfectly match a black one-piece swimsuit.

Deep Sea Diver Nail Polish & Lava Rock Nail Polish


How To Apply Nail Polish To Short Nails

To make the most of short nails, soften your cuticles with warm water and push them back. Start with a clear base coat, and for the next coat a thin layer of your chosen polish. The best method is to dot the paint at the bottom centre, then one stroke down the centre to the tip and two strokes for either side of the middle to cover the nail.

To make your nails look longer, leave a thin gap along the edges of the nail on the left and right sides. The shape of the colour will make the nail appear longer and thinner. Apply a second coat and a clear top coat: like our excellent Jellyfish nail polish for a glossy sheen or Salt Spray nail polish for a matte finish.

Long-Lasting and Nourishing Nail Polish

Our polishes contain no formaldehyde or toluene. They’re certified as vegan and cruelty free. Made with Australian botanicals in Australia, they’re sustainably sourced, with a lower carbon footprint than imported polishes. Not only that, the packaging is fully recyclable, and shipping is free when you spend over $50. Give the perfect finishing touch to your outfit with Beach Toes by Sambora.